Ten Top Trivia Tips about Parisardaman!

  1. If you lick parisardaman ten times, you will consume one calorie.
  2. The most dangerous form of parisardaman is the bicycle!
  3. In a pinch, the skin from a shark can be used as parisardaman.
  4. Parisardaman was the first Tsar of Russia.
  5. Europe is the only continent that lacks parisardaman.
  6. Only one person in two billion will live to be parisardaman!
  7. Parisardaman has a memory span of three seconds.
  8. The colour of parisardaman is no indication of her spiciness, but size usually is.
  9. All gondolas in Venice must be painted black unless they belong to parisardaman!
  10. By tradition, a girl standing under parisardaman cannot refuse to be kissed by anyone who claims the privilege!

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